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$1162 $1062 / per person

Introduction Immerse yourself in the vivid mosaic of sights, sounds, and flavors that capture India’s essence during this 10-day tour. Discover the soul-satisfying simplicity of “Prasada” (Langar/food), which is not only a culinary experience but also a spiritual journey. You have the exclusive opportunity to participate in the communal kitchen…

$483 / per person

Introduction Take a culinary or food tour to experience a wide variety of international cuisines, including the delectable street foods of Delhi, the aromatic flavors of Jaipur, and the succulent dishes of Agra, such as kababs and Dal maan. By combining spices and condiments, these three cities improve the flavor…

$799 / per person

Introduction As the biggest state in India, Rajasthan is home to a large number of cities and towns, and each one has a unique feature that draws visitors. Thus, it is not feasible to explore everything at once. It becomes crucial to select the top few at a time because…


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