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$5528 $5223 / per person

Introduction Explore the Rich Religious and Historical Legacy of India. Unlike any other nation, India is a complex and fascinating place. The rich history of the area north of Kolkata is best explored and illustrated by the Ganges River, on whose banks French, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, and English established settlements…

$8449 $7449 / per person

Introduction All of your senses will be engaged by this land, river, and train journey. Would you be interested in a tour that combines history with opulence on the sacred Ganges River? After that, you could travel by Indian trains to see fortresses, tombs, museums, and churches. Your jaw will…

$4464 $4264 / per person

Introduction Discover the Rajasthan, the dream city of Mumbai, the heritage town of Agra, the unspoiled sand dunes of Bikaner with camel safaris and tented accommodations, and the city of the cities with the Golden Triangle. India, a land of wonders, offers an incredible diversity of people, places, languages, customs,…

$5522 $5217 / per person

Introduction Hunt Deep Into India’s Historical And Religious Heritage. Complex and fascinating, India is a country unlike any other. The majestic legacy of Bengal alone, has inspired many a vacationers to explore the rich history of the region north of Kolkata, best explored and illustrated through the River Ganges on…

$5565 $5265 / per person

Introduction This tour starts from Kolkata and ends in yoga capital of India – Rishikesh. For the luxury cruise it will be on board for seven-night roundtrip sailing starting from Kolkata into the heart of the Ganges, termed as River Hooghly. On the banks of the river, European powers created…


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